Customized Packages

First Session: 

Tell your story! I want to hear your health history, establish goals with you, set big picture goals and leave the appointment with lifestyle guidance along with recommendations to put to use right away.

Second Session:

Lab results review: We’ll review your tests results and make an action plan tailored to your specific needs with a
treatment timeline. Following this, we’ll continue your Health Coaching.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching:

This is an extra service. While you wait for lab results, we’ll meet for questions, and explore obstacles to create an individualized self-care plan.



I came to Kristine with gastro-intestinal distress. She was like a detective, digging deep to find the root cause and the right treatment. She tested me for food sensitivities to identify foods toxic to my body. She created a custom diet so I could eat well and avoid the foods that don’t agree with me. The outcome is that I lost weight and maintained energy. Kristine went the extra mile to coordinate healthcare with my doctor, bringing my overall health up to the next level.

– Marie

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