Meet Kristine

You know that you had more energy both mentally and physically when you were younger.

You realize that there is no magic bullet to gaining back the strength that you had in your twenties and thirties. So you wonder, is there anything you can do to slow or reverse your aging process?

There is.

Functional Medicine Nutrition offers a natural path to self-healing.

My Science and Soul Approach to Healing

I employ cutting-edge scientific testing and knowledge of controlled studies research to gather data about your health. I also trust in the ancient wisdom that promotes healing and longevity through nutrition, both in food and dietary supplements. I interpret the scientific data and apply my knowledge to understand your unique, physical needs. I leave out the guess work and track your progress through objective tests.

Equally important is the soul part of my practice. I support you through your journey to wellness. I view your health as part of your whole person and care about your total well-being. As a counselor, I listen to what my clients are longing for in their lives and health. I show them there is hope and a way to feel young again.

My Own Health Journey

I have experienced the power of Functional Medicine Nutrition first hand, by healing myself of allergies.  I was inspired to become a Functional Medicine Nutritionist because of my own difficult path to finding health.  I suffered from severe food allergies most of my young life and I wasn’t able to eat enough variety of different foods in my meals.  Eventually I treated my gut with a functional nutrition approach.  Now I am completely free of all food sensitivities.   

I worked at Canyon Ranch in 2001, the world’s recognized leader in healthy living, as the LicensedNutritionist. There I was trained in Functional Medicine under the directorship of Dr. Mark Hyman, thought leader in transformative healthcare. I learned the skills to heal myself naturally and help thousands of clients.

Kristine Bahr

My Nutritional Philosophy

I believe there is a natural path to healing that is within you. Your body has the innate wisdom to revitalize your health. You just need to give it the chance. If you are looking for direction and encouragement on your own healing journey, I am here for you.  My nutritional philosophy emphasizes a whole-body treatment and prevention of illness.  I offer a personalized approach to natural anti-aging of the body and the mind.

When working with me, you can expect these results:

  • Feel inspired and motivated to make healthy choices
  • Lower stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Optimize immunity
  • Clear infections
  • Repair the gut
  • Integrate healthy tools and teachings in your daily life
  • Balance your hormones
  • Achieve physical emotional, and mental well being

No matter what health problems you are experiencing, I am here to figure out the underlying causes and help you achieve optimal health





Licensed clinical nutritionist
Nutritional counselor
Certified health educator
Certified sports nutritionist
M.S. Biology and Nutrition, University of Bridgeport
M.S. Counselling and Level II Social Work, Suffolk University.


I came to Kristine with gastro-intestinal distress. She was like a detective, digging deep to find the root cause and the right treatment. She tested me for food sensitivities to identify foods toxic to my body. She created a custom diet so I could eat well and avoid the foods that don’t agree with me. The outcome is that I lost weight and maintained energy. Kristine went the extra mile to coordinate healthcare with my doctor, bringing my overall health up to the next level.

– Marie

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